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Learning consistency across the entire workforce

Continuity is key

How often does your organisation have every employee in the same place, at the same time?

Very rarely would be our guess.

You may have teams spread across multiple offices, or perhaps some remote employees who work from home, or even a diverse workforce that incorporates contractors and volunteers?

We advocate a blended learning approach where certain skills will also benefit more from face-to-face time with a specialist. However, the adoption of elearning has been fuelled by the knowledge that your learner experience is consistent, key messages are getting the desired cut through and measurable impact can be seen.

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ASADA's policy programme got results. 86% said they're more likely to consider values and principles when making decisions.

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Our approach

What to consider when developing compliance training

Relevant content

Ensuring that your content is always the best and highly relevant is crucial. When changes occur, or the data tells you to make a change to the course, you can do that easily and swiftly, without the need to recall trainers to HQ and retool them.

Measurable reporting

Having consistency in your workplace training program carries over into providing a credible platform to reporting back on impact to both the organisation and the individual learner.

A clearer picture

Being able to measure in realtime how well each piece of training is performing at individual, team, department or whole workforce levels gives you greater transparency. This also includes capturing learner behaviour, cognition, engagement and performance.

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