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Engaging your learners

Learner experience

How do you make sure your L&D has people's attention - and that they come back for more?

More than ever, your learning and development solutions are competing for learners' attention in a noisy world. Why check the learning platform or complete that training when you could Google the answer or spend some more time chatting on Facebook?

So - the L&D you deliver has to be interesting, relevant and easy to fit into a busy working life already full of digital content. We've made some award-winning engaging training over the years - let's see what we can make for you.

Screenshot of Rolls Royce LMS in iPad
Rolls Royce logo

To up-skill sales teams, Rolls-Royce used interactive video to create immersive learning with a gamified element.

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Our approach

We're learning people first

Kineo’s elearning content, whether prebuilt or bespoke, is designed around the learner to ensure it meets individual and organisational needs. When combined with powerful tools like those found in our pre-built content, Adaptics or in the best Platforms Totara we can help prove engagement and that training is making real measurable impact..

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