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Learning Experience Platform – Totara Engage

Engage your employees with an LXP from Kineo and Totara Engage 

Unlock organisational expertise and insight and inspire your workforce with the power of collaborative and social learning through Kineo and Totara Engage, our Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Integrate learning experiences seamlessly into the flow of work, with curated content from across all channels and personalised learning pathways.

Totara Engage on tablet devices

Personalised learning, when and where your employees need it most

  • Curated content and personalised playlists 
    Source, share and suggest content and knowledge from internal and external sources across a range of formats, from blogs and videos to podcasts and infographics. 

  • Robust recommendation engine 
    Suggest content that’s relevant to your employees’ interests and needs – serving them what they want, when they want it 

  • Microsoft Teams integration 
    Catch your employees with content where they’re already working, with integration into Microsoft Teams

  • Track engagement and generate insight  
    Identify rising talent and subject matter experts in your business through in-depth user engagement reporting, and quickly collect feedback with in-stream surveys

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A full talent experience

The full talent experience platform

Totara Perform is open source, so can be used alongside your existing LMS and LXP or as part of the full talent experience platform

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Your structured learning programmes

Integrate your performance management processes with your structured learning programmes

totara learn

Your performance management processes

Our online performance management system streamlines your performance management processes and helps align your performance goals with your organizational ones.

Totara perform