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Aug 2020

Work Health and Safety Fundamentals 

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Today’s installment of our top-ten elearning courses highlights Work Health and Safety Fundamentals. Similar to our last post on Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Workers, this course is also relevant to the wellbeing of the workforce. While this content is less focused on healthcare, general workplace health and safety remains a top priority. 

This will be especially true when more workplaces prepare to reopen post COVID-19. You can rest assured that Kineo’s Work Health and Safety Fundamentals course has been reviewed by a recognised subject matter expert. It has also been designed to comply with best practice national health and safety procedures.  

In this blog post, you’ll get more information on key course topics, including health and safety responsibilities, workplace risk management, common hazards, and how to avoid them.  

Employer and Worker Responsibilities 

An employer has a duty of care to protect their workers, as well as people outside of the employment relationship (visitors, contractors, and members of the general public). Employers not only need to be sure adequate facilities are available for the welfare of all workers, but also that workers have access to all relevant safety instruction and training. Additionally, there must be procedures in place for any health and safety issues affecting workers. This course outlines these areas as necessary responsibilities of the employer to ensure a safety-compliant environment.  

In turn, it is the responsibility of the employee to put relevant safety facilities and training into action. This action will vary depending on the role. For instance, a supervisor must be aware of all health and safety obligations in their area. If they recognise or are made aware of a hazard in the workplace, supervisors are responsible for making sure that the hazard is eliminated. If that is not possible, the risks associated with the hazard need to be reduced before asking an employee to complete the work tasks. As employers provide necessary safety equipment and training, it is the worker's responsibility to use these resources on a daily basis while on the job.  

Workplace risk management  

This course also focuses on workplace hazards through the lens of risk assessment and reduction. The idea behind risk management is that workers and employers need to accept that certain workplace hazards exist and take all necessary steps to reduce the risks associated with them. In a workplace with successful risk management processes, there will be policies and procedures around all potential hazards. These procedures can be specific to a role or more generalised, like protocol for emergency evacuation or first aid.  

Common hazards and how to avoid them  

While the risk management section of this course outlines procedures for reducing and eliminating risks to health and safety, the hazards portion identifies common workplace hazards. This equips workers and employers with the knowledge to avoid potential danger. In this course section, Kineo identifies common workplace hazards and shares insight on the following categories: 

  • Manual tasks 
  • Hazardous chemicals 
  • Slips and trips 
  • Electricity 
  • Plant and equipment 
  • Working at heights 

Each of these hazards has its own overview in the course where the associated risks are outlined. The learner will also gain insight on how to control each hazard area listed above.  

Learn more 

In the Kineo Work Health and Safety Fundamentals course, learners will become well versed in all of these safety policy functions. Plus, every section area is delivered in an engaging format that includes an assessment. Strong visuals and workplace example scenarios are also included to give added context to the learner.    

For more information, visit the Work Health and Safety Fundamentals course featured in Kineo’s learning library. With the proper knowledge and training, we can all minimise risks and take responsibility for workplace health and safety. 



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