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Jan 2020

Why you may be considering a job change

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Sally Danbury

Sally Danbury

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo APAC

Feeling blue and unsure why? Look on the bright side, it could be because today is Blue Monday...superficially deemed to be one the most depressing days of the year. We are awash with post holiday bills, our New Year resolutions are already going by the wayside, sunlight levels are low and the weather is drab (make a note in your diary, as conversely June 20th is the so-called happiest day of the year!).

Blue Monday is likely to be the travel industry’s opportunistic approach to encourage individuals to book a spirit-lifting holiday, albeit psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall has a formula. Whether you believe this to be pseudoscience or not, it is a natural time to reflect and set professional goals for the new year upon us.

It won’t come as a surprise that over 90% of workers are open to changing their jobs across those first few weeks of going back to work in the new year. Where there is a considerable journey time and a stressful ongoing workload, individuals are driven to make a change for a better work life balance.

The most important factors affecting job satisfaction according to Robert Walters Research are:

Company culture (70%)

With 70% of individuals stating that positive culture is central to job and personal satisfaction, it’s important for the employer to consistently nurture a positive workplace culture and for individuals to involve others and work positively in a team.  Employers have a duty to provide employees on how to proactively identify and reduce risks that can negatively impact on workplace culture. 

Kineo’s featured library course ‘Positive Workplace Culture’ provides an understanding of:

  • why understanding workplace culture is vital to your organisation
  • how workplace culture impacts on everybody in the work environment, and
  • steps that can be taken to create, maintain or improve workplace culture. 


Salary & benefits (69%)

Salary remains a key aspect of an individual’s overall job satisfaction and sense of professional worth.  However, times are changing and Millennials and Gen Z’s have further contributed to this as merely part of the overall picture.  Benefits in the form of professional development, financial education, support for physical and mental health including flexible working are important factors too.

Work-life balance (68%) 

We know that to manage a level of balance across our professional and personal lives is an ongoing quest.  Setting goals, revisiting these regularly to mark progress is critical to success. Compartmentalising time for work, family, friends and social activities for our wellbeing as well as investing in physical and mental health will optimise effectiveness in all areas.

Kineo’s ‘Mental Health in the Workplace’ elearning course raises awareness about the effects of mental health in the workplace. It also provides pathways to improvement that learners can apply in their own workplace.
Designed to provide training for managers and supervisors in Australian organisations.the course provides an understanding of:

  • what mental health conditions are
  • the importance of supporting mental health in the workplace
  • the challenges of maintaining a mentally healthy workplace, and
  • strategies for creating a mentally healthy and safe workplace

Elearning is a non confrontational way for learners to build their knowledge and understanding and for employers to be reassured that quality based consistent learning content is filling skills gaps and driving better learning behaviours. See further subject matter expert driven learning content in Kineo Courses library

Sally Danbury

Sally Danbury

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo APAC

Since the year immemorial Sally has exercised an avid passion for creativity with words, images and Pilates.  She is most content in the workplace when crafting enticing messages that inspire and engage.