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Sep 2015

Watch the LearnX main event keynote on the future of LearnTech


What have we learned from the last ten years of learning technologies and what can we expect from the next ten? Matt Johnson looks at the past to understand the future and where the industry is headed in his LearnX Keynote. 

Kineo is celebrating it's 10 years in learning technology, and there's one thing we've learned: shift happens and fast. On 9 September 2015, Matt Johnson, Managing Director of Kineo took the mainstage at the LearnX Main Event to present his keynote to a group of 300+ learning and development professionals from across Australia and New Zealand and shared his findings on what the future of learn tech will look like.

Did you miss out on the LearnX Main Event? Or are your keen to revisit some of the trends Matt discussed?  

You can now watch Matt's keynote from the event, and hear about: 

  • Major Predictions on Future LearnTech trends - global industry thought leaders Cammy Bean, Clive Shepherd, Donald Clark and more share their insights.
  • 5 Major LearnTech Trends of the Last 10 Years - how far we've come and what areas have evolved (or disappeared in some cases).
  • 5 Major Trends to Watch Out for in the Next 10 - from wearables to gamification what will you need to look out for? 
  • 5 Tips to Future-Proof Learning - is your learning ready for the future? If not, we've got some ideas to get you ready. 

Be prepared for the ever-changing nature of learning technologies and get your L&D teams ready for what's to come by watching Matt's 40-minute keynote presentation. Then tell us, what are your predictions for the future of learning technologies in the next ten years?