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Apr 2020

Virtual learning - best practice delivery and design


Your face to face learning is going virtual. You’ve agreed on the platform you’ll use (or perhaps you’re still working that bit out). You know who needs to deliver the sessions.

But now what? A simple lift and shift won’t cut it! It’s time to get creative and learn how to design and deliver a great virtual learning experience, and we reckon you won’t look back!

Join guest speaker Kim Seeling Smith, CEO Unite Global and our resident Kineo Learning Design expert Shaheen as they discuss:

  • Insight and real-life examples from organisations already embracing virtual learning.
  • Actionable and practical tips for designing impact focused content.
  • Must have’s for the ultimate virtual learning experience.
  • How to incorporate virtual learning into a more impactful blending learning experience.
  • Harnessing the best virtual learning platforms for your organisation.

This webinar is designed for Professionals working in HR, L&D, Talent and Training who are responsible for the creation and/or delivery of learning programmes.




Watch the webinar recording