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The learner experience


Jan 2018

The learner experience

Podcast and audio recordings

Join the team as we chat about the themes emerging from this year’s Learning Insights report. Based on interviews with our clients we consider personalisation, changing learner demands, and how we change our design styles and tech delivery to meet them.


    James Cory-Wright

    James has over 25 years' experience of instructional design and video scriptwriting. He heads up our team of learning designers and consultants, overseeing learning content design across all client projects. James has a reputation for creativity and innovation in elearning, having worked on numerous successful projects and regularly attends industry events, presenting our latest thoughts.

    Jenny Lycett

    Kineo's UK-based Marketing Director has over 18 years' digital and content marketing experience, and is a keen writer and blogger. Jenny joined Kineo in 2015 and is interested in how social media plays a part in personal and professional learning.

    Liz Smith

    Liz is a Lead Solutions Designer, working with our solutions consultants to create innovative designs for our proposal offerings. She has worked at Kineo for over six years and has a background in creative writing.

    Rory Lawson

    Rory has over 10 years’ experience directing innovative learning solutions and strategies and is a leading Solution Consultant at Kineo. Helping to define clients’ requirements, Rory works with the Kineo team to produce creative and effective elearning and LMS solutions that meet clients’ needs. 

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