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The Contractor Conundrum


Oct 2019

The Contractor Conundrum

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Our use of contractors is on the rise, and the contingent workforce looks set to grow exponentially over the next 5-10 years. But how do you make a contract worker feel a part of the team, get the most out of their time with you, and reduce your exposure to risk?

In our new guide, The Contractor Conundrum, we outline the importance of not only induction and training for contract workers, but cultural guidance too – and why organisations that aren’t embedding their contract workers are putting their teams at risk.

Download the guide to find out:

  • Best practice contractor onboarding
  • Cultural embedding – why and how
  • Managing paperwork the easy way
  • Contractor management checklist

Kineo offers a contractor management system called Sitepass that can help you with all of these themes – if you want to find out more, simply check the box opposite when you download the guide and we’ll be in touch!

Download the guide