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Jul 2017

Stepping into the future: are we ready for the future of learning?


Discover the key to learning success and find out about the future of learning and development

When was the last time you took a moment to reflect and re-assess your L&D strategy? This webinar recording is about global change in L&D. Hear from L&D guru Laura Overton and our very own solutions consultant, Con Sotidis as they discuss what changes you can make right now to be ready for L&D tomorrow.

Watch the webinar recording


    Con Sotidis

    Based in Melbourne, Con has worked in L&D for over 20 years. As a Solutions Consultant with Kineo (Asia Pacific), Con works with organisations to help them achieve their business goals by developing effective and efficient learning and performance strategies and solutions.

    Laura Overton

    As the CEO and founder of Towards Maturity, Laura is passionate about helping organisations develop an e-enabled learning culture, with focus on helping L&D and HR professionals embrace change that leads to business and individual performance.