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Should we be looking to our colleagues in shaping the future of learning?


Jun 2019

Should we be looking to our colleagues in shaping the future of learning?


Modern employees expect a higher standard of learning resources that are available on demand, flexible and interactive. While many organisations are adjusting to the employee taking control of their learning preferences, others have already started to make the transition to a 'pull' from learners rather than 'push' from the L&D team.

More organisations than ever before are embracing new corporate training trends. In this session our hosts; Dr Kim Schofield FCPHR of The Australian HR Institute and Craig Parr of Kineo discuss:

  • What the future of employee training could look like for your business?
  • Lessons we can learn from disciplines outside of people & development?


Meet our hosts

Dr Kim Schofield FCPHR - General Manager Standards and Practice at AHRI

Dr Kim Schofield has extensive experience in Human Resource Management and capability development gained through his accumulated 25 years of service in the UK Health Service, UK Local Government, UK Private Sector and the WA State Government for the past 14 years.

Kim’s consultancy experience includes the provision of specialist advice to organisations experiencing human resource issues, in addition to learning and development solutions.


Craig Parr - Head of Strategic Alliances at Kineo

Craig brings over 15 years' experience in marketing and business transformation across Europe, North America, Asia and ANZ. He now head's up Partnerships and Culture for Kineo and the City & Guilds Group in Asia Pacific. He brings employees and businesses together to cultivate high performing culture and development of transformation roadmaps that drives employee advocacy.



Want to know more?

With an industry swarming with resources, how do you know where to you start?

To ensure you have the tools to support you in the next evolution of HR, we've done the hard work for you and collated a few resources. 

We will send these to you together with a link to access the webinar recording. 


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Date: 26 Jun 2019

Start time: 12:00 AET

End time: 13:00 AET