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Learning in the post Flash era


Oct 2017

Learning in the post Flash era


Discover key learning design trends and the future of learning

We’ve come a long way since the Teaching Machine of 1924.  Today it’s all about performance-based support and bite-sized learning on the go. But as new technology emerges and we enter the post-Flash era, what does the future learnscape look like? Join Kineo and take a look at the journey so far and explore how modern design might change in the future. 

During this webinar we’ll take a look at: 

  • the history of elearning and technology 
  • how learners are consuming content in today’s world 
  • what modern learning design looks like in the post flash era 
  • what the future holds

 Get the recording and discover what's happening in the modern learnscape. 

Watch the webinar recording