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Oct 2018

Leading in a digital age


We are all being transformed by technology and for organisations this can present many opportunities and challenges. Our forthcoming webinar ‘Leading in a digital age’ will be focussing on how your leaders, workforces, and organisations can thrive in a digital world.

Drawing on expert knowledge from Tim Field, Digital Transformation Consultant from DEfactoED, we will be covering a variety of topics such as:

  • How to define digital disruption
  • How attitudes can influence your ability to adapt
  • Why leaders and workforces must be prepared to unlearn what they thought they knew
  • How to address the needs of different stakeholders.

We will be sharing key points from our latest white paper ‘Learning to become digital’.  An introduction to digital transformation that will help get you up to speed with the concepts and potential impact to your organisation, people and customer and most importantly how L&D can rise to the challenge of supporting this transformation.

We will also present our new ‘Leading in a digital age' programme to show how we can support your organisations lead through this next revolution.

Finally, we will give you some simple next steps to enable you to take this forward one step at a time.