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Mar 2012

Kineo goes hollywood, thanks to Warner Bros!

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Shaping the future of learning


On February 28, we pulled out our sunglasses and did our best to shield ourselves from the eager paparazzi. The event? A glamorous elearning networking and case study sharing event, onsite at the Warner Bros. studio lot in fabulous Burbank, California...

The day started off with some outdoor networking in the chilly Los Angeles morning – hot coffee, muffins, and outdoor heaters as we got to know the LA elearning crowd. Gathered together were both elearning veterans and newbies, from diverse industries including entertainment, restaurants, retail, software, shipping, and communications.

From there we headed into the plush Screening Room #4 (reputed to be Clint Eastwood’s screening room – we did our best to sit in every seat so we could claim a brush with his greatness).

Our programme included two case studies and a short brief on the state of mobile learning. Here’s a quick rundown, Entertainment Weekly style!

DataFlux: Best looking Totara in show….

Jill Dyche, Vice President Thought Leadership and Jeannette Fino wowed the crowd with their beautiful new Totara LMS learning portal – a thrilling tale of an open-source marriage of marketing and elearning. DataFlux really gets the need to provide value to customers in training solutions and resources that educate and entertain. 

Mobile Briefing - creating a buzz…

Kineo’s Cammy Bean and Tanveer Makhani produced a short documentary on the state of mobile learning, tackling such deep questions as “What is mobile learning?”, “When should you use it?”, “What can it look like?” You can join the buzz by checking out our slides below:

Mobile Learning: the Who, the Why and the What Now from City and Guilds Kineo

A lively conversation ensued, particularly around the impact of mobile options in a state like California where overtime hours are strictly regulated and the blurry lines of personal and work time.

Interestingly, not one organisation in the crowd had yet implemented a mobile learning solution. We keep hearing the buzz that mobile has tipped, and several of Kineo’s clients are now implementing it for real, but the reality is that there’s still some way to go before mobile becomes fully mainstream.

If you’re looking to make mobile happen, the timing is good – we’ve just published part two of our set of free mobile guides, with advice on how to implement mobile learning. Find out more in our free guide to Implementing Mobile Learning.

Info Security at Warner Bros – A blockbuster with a great marketing campaign!

And finally, Alisa Bergman, Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer, Corporate Legal Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc., shared an exciting tale of Information Security. Their internal awareness and learning campaign featured superheroes Commander Privacy and the Data Security Ranger, the evil villain Dr. Zilla Zombot, and you, the learner, on your way to Superhero Academy.

Let’s be clear. This is not just an elearning course. You’d expect Warner Bros. to know a thing or two about how to market and build awareness, and boy, did they deliver. L&D teams take note: Their campaign involved events and posters, a decorated golf cart (yes – a golf cart), and people dressed in super hero costumes handing out chocolates with QR codes that linked to a full-on trailer for the elearning.

We think it’s an amazing example of how to use a multi-channel approach to build a message and training throughout a global organisation. And before you say ‘that’s ok for a movie company, what about me?, they did it on a fairly tight budget, so don’t be intimidated that this is the kind of thing only Hollywood can do. This is one thing you SHOULD try at home. We’ll be sharing more about this great module and the communications approach in the coming months.

That’s a wrap!

A great day. Our conclusions? Elearning is alive and well in Los Angeles and the elearning community that came out for this event proved it. We were thrilled by the quality of conversations and questions people asked—individuals thinking hard about providing better solutions and resources within their own organisations.

We’re looking forward to hosting more events in Los Angeles. With Kineo teams in LA and Phoenix, you’ll be seeing a lot more of us out west…

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Shaping the future of learning

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