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May 2020

Kineo Courses receives 4.5 star average rating

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Daniel Potter

Daniel Potter

Global Head of Kineo Courses

Kineo Courses receives 4.5 star average rating from over 21,000 corporate learner reviews in 3 months

In a world where authenticity is valued more than perfection, we wanted to thank each one of our learners who rated their experience with Kineo Courses. You awarded our content an average rating of 4.5 stars across our subscription and we’re truly humbled by the response.

The feedback from our learners has confirmed what we’ve always believed: online training needs to be genuinely useful, role- relevant, easy to understand - and straight to the point. 

It goes without saying that the serious nature inherent to many of our courses should neither be diminished or humourised. We seek to promote essential content for working professionals by reinforcing and helping drive behavioural change within an organisation. 

It’s all about building the learner’s confidence in their own job and helping L&D departments manage and track the effectiveness of training in their organisation. With subject matter backed by leading industry experts, we’re pleased to see that learners are engaging with the content and getting more from it than just ticking the compliance box.


5 Stars - “I genuinely enjoyed doing this course as it covered all areas and responsibilities, making me feel confident to be able to carry out all of my duties.”

Comments, like this one from a recently appointed fire warden, help us confirm that content is positioned at the right level. The continuous evaluation of what creates an engaged learner is at the heart of what Kineo do. Learner feedback helps refine course design by identifying successes and areas for improvement alike. 

The recent release of the new course rating system has had a phenomenal response in such a short time. We have always been able to see the number of active learners but now we can hear them clearly too. Kineo Courses delivers nearly 210,000 course completions every month and by leveraging cloud delivery, improvements from common feedback can be immediately released to our learners without the customer having ever to be involved. 

Insights from constructive feedback – and even subtle and quirky comments - have led to us finding quick wins in bettering the overall learner experience. While compliance training specifically may not be on the top of every workers to-do list, the training provided, and the desired outcomes,  are often critical to an organisation’s overall success. Kineo creates both a compelling reason for professionals to engage with this content and the confidence for L&D teams that these courses will be well received.

Kineo Courses is a great opportunity to demonstrate actual change in behaviour, reduced risk and better outcomes in any organisation. 

Daniel Potter

Daniel Potter

Global Head of Kineo Courses

Dan heads up Kineo Courses globally and has been involved with elearning and platform development since early 2000s. He is passionate to demonstrate real and measurable impact through learning and technology and inspired to deliver elegant solutions that need minimal explanation.