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Feb 2020

Kineo Courses playlist - 5 courses for Healthcare professionals

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Sally Danbury

Sally Danbury

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo APAC

Healthcare professionals are solid pillars of our society with their dedication to supporting  the health and wellbeing of those in their care and this can often prove to be a strain. Roles vary widely and typical specialisms include the likes of: counsellors, dieticians, doctors, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, psychologists and speech pathologists.
The workplace training needs of those across healthcare is broad based, relating to the workplace and also the honing of soft skills to understand and empathise with individualised patient needs in their care. Kineo Courses has identified that for all of the roles specified, reducing the spread of infection is critical, understanding how to protect oneself with manual tasks, providing basic life support and mandatory reporting (where a patients safety comes into question) are fundamental learning competencies that need to be refreshed regularly.

All of these key Health professional courses are Adaptics enabled.  This means that when learners are merely refreshing their knowledge they will only need to complete learning gaps, thus saving their time and the organisation’s costs in downtime.  Kineo Courses has attributed digital badging to some of these featured courses that verify learning development completion by way of a credential that can be used for a multitude of professional applications. Learn more about digital credentials and how blue chip organisations like Google and Amazon are on board with this popular social learning verification tool.

Kineo Courses has identified that its top 5 playlist of courses for healthcare professionals are: 

1. Hand Hygiene for Healthcare Workers

Developed as infection prevention training for workers in healthcare environments. The purpose of this training is to encourage hand hygiene practices that stop and control the spread of infection and prevent healthcare associated infections.  Targeted at appropriate for all staff working in health care settings the elearning provides healthcare workers with the following behaviourally-focused training:

  • The role hand hygiene plays in preventing and controlling infection
  • How to perform hand hygiene according to the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines
  • When to use alcohol-based hand rub (ABHR) or soap and water
  • When hand hygiene is necessary

2. Identifying, reporting and responding to the abuse of older people in care

This course is predominantly relevant for caregivers and other healthcare professionals that provide care to older people in Australia.  It is designed to form a part of a healthcare organisation’s duty of care and elder abuse training.

Created with subject matter expert partner Frontline Care Solutions, the learning outcomes include: 

  • A background to and the definitions and prevalence of the abuse of older people
  • The types of abuse most commonly experienced by older people
  • Requirements for the reporting of abuse of an older person in your care
  • Roles and responsibilities of staff around the abuse of a person in their care
  • Barriers to staff reporting suspected and actual abuse
  • Actions to take if there is imminent threat to an older person

3. Basic Life Support

This is vital refresher training for professionals with an obligation to respond to emergency life-and-death situations, designed to align with the Australian and New Zealand Committee on Resuscitation (ANZCOR) guidelines. Basic Life Support teaches based on the DRSABCD structure and includes simulated rhythm training for chest compressions, AED placement and interactive scenarios for full competency  in responding to an emergency situation.

Learners will polish up their knowledge on:

  • How to provide basic emergency basic life support, in line with ANZCOR
  • How to assess a situation, identify dangers and call for help
  • How to identify airway obstructions and manage breathing
  • Why and how cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is performed
  • The safe use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)

4. Manual Tasks in Aged Care

Created for anyone performing a manual task in a care environment Kineo Courses has worked closely with PhysioLink, a national Work Health and Safety consultancy. This course has been developed to provide the learner with an understanding of why and how musculoskeletal injuries occur, as well as providing some practical tips on how to perform manual tasks as safely as possible.
Manual tasks in aged care provides an understanding of: 

  • The physical principles that relate to manual tasks 
  • How to perform hazardous manual tasks as safely as possible
  • How to assess and reduce the risks associated with hazardous manual tasks

5. Bullying Harassment for Employees

Our last but not least pick applies to all workplaces, and is critical to eradicate in order to create a positive workplace culture. A regular concern within the health workforce, bullying and harassment doesn't have to be obvious to cause harm.  Incidents occur in a variety of situations and under different circumstances.  It’s important for learners to better understand what leads to these behaviours and to know what can be changed. 

With learning content written with commercial law firm Thomson Geer this course has been designed to provide training for all employees in Australian organisations and minimise the risk of bullying and harassment occurring in the workplace. The course focuses on building positive behaviours and stopping negative behaviours based on Australian legislation and covers key points:

  • The effects of bullying and harassment in the workplace
  • The types of behaviour that are considered bullying and harassment
  • How to identify bullying and harassment
  • Employee responsibilities
  • What to do if you or your co-workers are being bullied or harassed

Are you responsible for your healthcare workers professional development? Or a healthcare worker keen to brush up on your key training needs?  Kineo Courses is here to help. Get in touch to discuss your individualised needs or your workplace learning challenges.

Sally Danbury

Sally Danbury

Nurture Marketing Specialist at Kineo APAC

Since the year immemorial Sally has exercised an avid passion for creativity with words, images and Pilates.  She is most content in the workplace when crafting enticing messages that inspire and engage.