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Jun 2016

Kineo announces new Learning Locker Partnership


Kineo Pacific and HT2 are delighted to announce a new Learning Locker Partnership, combining expertise in Learning Record Store (LRS) and LMS technologies to help businesses improve performance through learning.

The new partnership sees Kineo Pacific and learning technology R&D company HT2, join forces to work on xAPI-related technology innovation and implementations using the Learning Locker Learning Record Store (LRS).

Increasing demand for xAPI

Organisations across the globe are increasingly turning to the xAPI as enabled by Learning Locker to help gain a better understanding of both how their workforces engage with their training, and the long-term performance gains that are being achieved by such learning interventions.

James Ballard, Kineo Pacific’s Senior Elearning Analyst and resident xAPI expert recently partnered with  HT2 to present the xAPI ‘View From Down-Under’ Google Hangout as part of HT2’s free online course, 'An Introduction to the xAPI'. During the session, it became clear that xAPI is becoming more prevalent as a requirement for organisations looking to upgrade their learning platform or implement a new learning platform. While this is a future-proofing exercise, in many cases organisations are looking to understand how it can be used in real scenarios and how xAPI differs to SCORM. Furthermore, new learning designs may be required to support this potential, prompting designers to develop their skillset and understand the statements that can be made through xAPI.

Nolen Smith, MD at Kineo Pacific, said of the new partnership: "We are seeing a vast increase in the number of our clients looking to implement xAPI, and we are delighted to be partnering with Learning Locker  to provide a Learning Records Store. We are looking forward to working with our clients, both in APAC and globally, to drive change in their learning design, using Learning Locker to deliver benefits to their learners and help them achieve a clear return on investment." 

Ben Betts, CEO at HT2, added: “Kineo were one of the first members of the open source project board when we first formed Learning Locker and now we’re delighted to be joining forces once again. Not just in the Pacific, but globally, Kineo are renowned as experts in LMS implementations and custom elearning. The awards they have won are a testament to their focus on delivering bottom-line benefits to companies, as well as fantastic learning. We are convinced that a combination of Kineo’s experience with HT2’s tools and knowledge will help organisations gain an even greater understanding of the business benefits their investments in learning help realise. Kineo have seen the potential benefits of using a Learning Record Store like Learning Locker as a part of a blended learning solution - something that can help recognise learning wherever it occurs. Due to the Open Source nature of Learning Locker there is a natural fit with Kineo’s existing product mix, including Totara and Adapt.”

Kineo Pacific will be attending the National Vocational Education and Training conference being held on the Gold Coast, 14th-16th September where we will be demonstrating the use of Totara alongside Learning Locker.

To find out more about how to use xAPI in your organisation, contact us. Or, for a quick introduction to xAPI, read James' recent blog: Tin Can or xAPI