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Jul 2018

Kineo and clients scoop 3 awards at the LearnX Impact 2018 awards


Kineo's work has won three LearnX Impact Awards, which identify and celebrate exceptional accomplishments across learning and development. 

Kineo's work with clients has been recognised again by the LearnX Impact Awards, which identify and celebrate exceptional accomplishments across the learning and development sphere. The awards, now in their eleventh year, focus on the impact of talent development and supporting technologies – areas which Kineo are delighted to be recognised for excellence.

This year Kineo adds a further three platinum awards to its full trophy cabinet.  Kineo and ASADA yet again took home a platinum award, following several years of successful implementations. Caterpillar Marine, having recently partnered with Kineo to maximise the capabilities of their L&D team, were recognised in two categories.


Platinum awards

01. Best Sales Training Project with Caterpillar Marine

This award recognises how learning can spearhead cultural change within a global company. Together Kineo and Caterpillar Marine have enabled internal and external salespeople to understand their customer’s unique situation and recommend Caterpillar Marine solutions based on the benefits. This was a business shift from a more technically-focused selling of individual products towards a more consultative, customer-focused selling of end-to-end solutions.  The resulting success was achieved using Kineo’s SaaS version of Totara Learn, with an accompanying app that enables messaging to learners and offline player capability. The solution serves as a central, global platform with relevant content for different markets, industry segments and audience groups to support varying levels of expertise and experience. It uses Anders Pink to curate segment specific news articles, social learning techniques, encourages peer-generated content and additional incentivisation is achieved via quizzes and high score tables.


02. Best Learning, Performance & Capability Team with Caterpillar Marine

A recognition like this is well deserved for Caterpillar Marine’s L&D team. The learning solution for Caterpillar Marine’s internal and external salespeople was a first for the business and very different than what had been done before. Needing to align to business needs, Caterpillar Marine’s small, global L&D team undertook a massive challenge that has paid off in dividends. By partnering with Kineo, Caterpillar Marine and Kineo created a system and learning solution that the Caterpillar Marine team could successfully manage and utilise on global scale. Kineo have integrated leading technologies and supported Caterpillar Marine’s forward-thinking approach to training, in which they continue to introduce new channels to disseminate information based on learner feedback, such as via podcasts or sharing subject matter expert insights on industry news.


03. Best Bitesize Learning Design with ASADA

This award focuses on the design of small, self-contained ‘bite-size’ elearning content.

Kineo worked with ASADA, to tackle their biggest challenge of demystifying the chaperoning process. Together, Kineo and ASADA developed a short and effective online module to replace their face-to-face chaperone induction and attract younger, better-suited individuals to this pool in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games. The assessment component of the training was a push interactive video for chaperones and covered the processes for identifying and notifying athletes.  This also included witnessing and checking the stringent urine sample collection process.

ASADA’s chaperones hugely benefited from a clear understanding of the approved process and felt highly confident by the time they were working with athletes. The bite-size program aimed to have chaperones fit for purpose a lot sooner than their previous face-to-face learning method.

ASADA’s Renee Culley, Education Officer stated that

“The inclusion of interactive video in our education has opened up a new way of thinking within our Education team. While traditionally ASADA has used cutting edge technology we were seeking that next innovative step.”


The team will be presented with this year’s awards during the LearnX Live! summit on 30 October at Melbourne Convention Centre.

If you would like to talk to the Kineo team about these winning projects and how they can help you find the right learning solution please get in touch.