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How can we tap into AI for learning experiences?


May 2018

How can we tap into AI for learning experiences?

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This month, Paul and the Kineo team are joined by Filtered CEO Marc Zao-Sander to get under the skin of AI.


    Marc Zao-Sanders

    Marc Zao-Sanders is CEO and co-founder of Filtered, a learning technology which uses AI to make intelligent learning recommendations.

    Paul Welch

    Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the elearning industry. He was responsible for the development and implementation of the Adapt Learning responsive design framework. Paul's contributions to technology innovation have been integral to the business and in 2015 he was recognised as Elearning Designer of the Year.

    Paul Westlake

    Paul joined Kineo as a Solutions Consultant after spending the past 9 years designing and delivering both elearning and Classroom-based learning solutions for McDonalds' 80,000 strong workforce. Paul was instrumental in facilitating the transition from traditional training to elearning, as well as managing key elearning projects that supported the national launch of a new HR and Training system.

    Pete Smith

    As a Technical Team Lead, Pete manages our team of Senior Technical Consultants and Front End Developers as well as taking accountability for the technical robustness and suitability of Kineo’s elearning and learning content. Pete also helps drive forward technical innovation working with our Technical Director and Head of Innovation to identify new opportunities for Kineo to branch into. Pete has a key role in the development of our Adapt framework and technical roadmaps for our proprietary tools and development.

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