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Jun 2019

Exciting developments in workplace collaboration

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Shaping the future of learning

The Australian HR Institute’s Dr Kim Schofield, GM and Head of HR Standards and Craig Parr, Head of Partnerships at Kineo discuss the value of looking to our colleagues in other departments to help shape the future of learning. To access the webinar recording ‘Should we be looking to our colleagues in shaping the future of learning?’ click here

An optimum human experience is central to a successful business, one that also continues to attract and retain its employees. Enriching this experience is cross business collaboration. It has been proven that working together across business units to create something new or to approach a project with a different lens is positively impacting engagement, culture and significantly affecting business impact. We are seeing that more innovative and efficient work is being produced by organisations that are adopting collaboration as best practice.


A collaborative working approach should inform what HR and L&D teams are doing across the business. This will aid further development of a personalised employee learner journey experience. Workplace learning continues to shift towards a learner-centric approach, otherwise known as pull learning (in comparison to traditional methods otherwise known as push learning).

To give an example of what we can learn from workplace collaboration, Craig Parr compares the Marketing and HR functions to understand what we can learn from each specialism for better effect. For instance, Marketing can learn a lot from HR’s humanistic focus as HR operates largely at an individual level. To be successful Marketing has adopted more individual methods to target audience activity (think of how brands like Netflix do this), and how marketing now has the tools to analyse behavioural audience data to inform and refine their future audience approach. Mass mailing and generic one size fits all marketing activity is only recent history.

Today’s individual is increasingly savvy, with the ability to filter out marketing content, only receptive to what is highly relevant to them. This also applies to their learning desires and preferences.


Customer experience is taking centre stage

Individuals seek out employers that offer more than just a role, they want a place within a company whose business holds value for them and not simply in monetary terms. A great culture, one that offers a positive community with the flexibility of providing a healthy work life balance. They want an organisation that will help them to develop professionally, one that also supports their interests, including consideration to the way they want to learn with content that is relevant and highly engaging that they can take back to their role and benefit from that learning immediately. Dr Kim Schofield discusses how AHRI focuses on developing relationships with members, at every stage of their career, supporting individualisation and increasing a social based culture.


Learner driven learning through personalisation

There will always be a need for personalised learning in the workplace yet the gaps we see are around employee motivation and engagement and this requires further development as positive learning outcomes vary and there is room for improvement through a humanistic approach.


Changing the nature of learning in the workplace

HR and L&D teams should promote the learning content, – taking best practice from Marketing peers - to engage individuals and the learning material should make a personal connection that also aligns with future goals, otherwise it stands to reason that engagement and learning impact results will be poor.

Kineo advocates blended learning as we recognise no two learners are the same. The way that learning is delivered should also vary.

  • Why is a learner learning, what does it mean to them?
  • What do they want in their next career phase?

We can then shape a learning ecosystem that will resonate with them and be effective as part of an always on learning programme.


Digital Transformation in HR is well underway yet there are further changes ahead. Technology merely enables the learning within the ecosystem. Take the IT department for example that has been faced with rapid change for years. HR can also learn from its technical counterpart.


Foundations for learning success: What's Next

AHRI’s competency framework sets professional HR standards across Australia through HR certification. Based on delivering good outcomes through best practices in the workplace, the certification covers technical competencies and professional behaviours expected. AHRI also strongly advocates unstructured opportunity to connect and collaborate.

In the poll taken 51% of respondents are considering personalisation in their learning experiences with 11% already seeing good results.

When considering personalisation the resounding advice is to look at what the business is looking to achieve, prior to committing to new technologies. Also to chose technology that caters for what you need without many additional whistles and bells you may never use.

Personalisation is clearly a hot topic in the learning sphere with HR and L&D leaders. We will do well to gather insight from others experiences through collaborative activities.

If you’d like to learn more about AHRI HR certification connect here and to follow the conversation sign up to our learning insights to be informed of future partner webinars, blogs and events.



Shaping the future of learning

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