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Disruptors or enablers? The future of technology in L&D


Dec 2017

Disruptors or enablers? The future of technology in L&D

Podcast and audio recordings

Join the team as they discuss which future technologies could disrupt the future of work place learning, as well as how a technology that we all already own could be the enabler for all things disruptive.


    Dorian Rogers

    As Production Manager in the UK Dorian is focussed on ensuring that our processes deliver great high quality learning solutions to our customers. He works closely with the learning content production teams to help set all of our projects up for success.

    James Cory-Wright

    James has over 25 years' experience of instructional design and video scriptwriting. He heads up our team of learning designers and consultants, overseeing learning content design across all client projects. James has a reputation for creativity and innovation in elearning, having worked on numerous successful projects and regularly attends industry events, presenting our latest thoughts.

    Matthew Leathes

    Matt has been interested in computers since first using an Acorn Archimedes during his school years. This interest has grown into fascination (and a career!) with the birth and rise of the World Wide Web in the 90s and that has continued to grow ever since. Matt’s also a collaborator on the Adapt Learning project.

    Sarah Nagy

    Sarah was a Poject Manager at Kineo until 2018.

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