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Break out of the 10% and tap into social learning


Mar 2017

Break out of the 10% and tap into social learning


Tap into social learning and support your learners 100% of the way.

It's one of the biggest buzzwords, but social learning is nothing new - it's intrinsic to human nature. How workplace L&D taps into it, though - that's what's new about social learning. 

One of the keys to making it successful is resisting the temptation to treat social learning like a traditional intervention that can be owned or controlled. Join our Head of Consulting and Head of Learning Design as they delve into the world of social learning, providing the insights you need to encourage and nurture a culture that promotes social interaction and collaboration.

Download your webinar recording to:

  • explore what social learning really means and how it fits into the whole learner journey
  • get examples and insight into how social learning is working successfully
  • identify factors that help develop self-sustaining social learning culture.

Watch the webinar recording


    James Cory-Wright

    James has over 25 years' experience of instructional design and video scriptwriting. He heads up our team of learning designers and consultants, overseeing learning content design across all client projects. James has a reputation for creativity and innovation in elearning, having worked on numerous successful projects and regularly attends industry events, presenting our latest thoughts.

    Jez Anderson

    Jez leads Kineo’s consultancy practice, providing expert advice to help our clients make informed, measured and appropriate decisions about learning technologies. He has worked in L&D for over 20 years and has a background in experiential and action-based learning.

    Krista Woodley

    Krista has been in the elearning industry for over 15 years and is a Learning Consultant at Kineo. She advises and defines creative solutions for blended, campaign-based and elearning-focused projects.