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May 2019

Are you looking for more flexible LMS terms? 

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Shaping the future of learning

Are you dissatisfied with your current learning management solution or vendor?

Few understand that there are different types of customers that need different kinds of success. 

Some customers have straightforward needs that include no-fuss delivery of elearning to their learners. Others have sophisticated and complex needs that require custom solutions. Some LMS systems claim to be flexible but when renewals come around you’re faced with increasing costs, inflexible payment arrangements, long contracts, hours of labour from your IT team or a growing list of new features that you just don’t need.

Therefore, today many organisations are tackling the question of stick or twist, and at the top of their consideration list is flexibility. 

Find a flexible LMS solution to meet your changing needs 

In an increasingly fast-moving world, organisations now have many options to choose what they want, how they want it and to pay for it how they need to. 

The risks of sticking with an LMS that remains inflexible can have a profound impact on your bottom line. 

Flexibility for an LMS usually incorporates; 

  • Scalablity and adaptability. As your business grows and changes, it’s important for an LMS to adapt swiftly without complication. This should include payment terms whether subscription or longer contracts.  
  • Integration. No LMS functions in a bubble. It must be able to integrate with a variety of business systems.
  • Permissions. An LMS with flexible permissions gives a variety of people, from front line managers to learning administrators, access to the LMS and more freedom to do their jobs.
  • Reporting. Flexible reporting options can give crucial insight into your learning programs and is a primary feature to have. This should report on, learner engagement, completion and impact statistics at the very least.
  • Features. An LMS should offer the flexibility to do whatever kind of training you need. Create your ideal learning processes to develop your people most effectively.

Which Learning Management Solution is Right for Your Needs?

Ultimately, this will be defined by a small number of variables: 

  • Cost effectiveness. The monthly subscription cost tends to be lower than the initial fee and ongoing maintenance costs of an enterprise LMS solution. Typically billed on user-tier basis—meaning you only have to pay for what you use. Note that if you opt to build or buy an enterprise LMS, there isn’t a cost advantage for having less usage on the platform. 
  • External hosting. The software will not be hosted on your own server, which means that you will not be responsible for its security, performance, or reliability. Issues such as downtimes or slow loads are managed by the provider instead. This can take the pressure off your internal IT team. 
  • Maintenance and updates. Software becomes outdated, bugs are found, and users report issues. Any software needs to be updated, and consideration needs to be taken if these updates are part of the contract. Put simply, with some systems your platform will remain updated for the length of the contract. 
  • Fast implementation. Because some learning management systems are pre-built, implementation tends to be fast. It is possible to deliver a workable elearning solution for your employees within a week.

Kineo's Learning Portal makes delivering corporate online training easy in the cloud with flexible subscription-based payment options. The Learning Portal includes all the necessary features for delivering, tracking and reporting on your compliance training for your entire organisation. It is the perfect solution for quick and reliable delivery while offering seamless integration options into existing systems. 

Kineo is a platinum Totara partner with years of experience supporting enterprise clients- so you know you can trust us to configure more sophisticated systems around your needs and requirements.



Shaping the future of learning

Kineo helps the world’s leading businesses improve performance through learning and technology. We’re proud of our reputation for being flexible and innovative, and of our award-winning work with clients across the world.