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Sep 2013

7 ways to keep millennials happy at work

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New research from City & Guilds shows that young people are keen to work, and almost two thirds are happy in their job. With 80% thinking their happiness affects how they perform at work, how do you keep the new workforce happy and productive?

1. Build good relationships

Millennials say that getting on well with colleagues is the number one factor affecting their happiness. Create a buddy scheme for new members of the team to help them get to know each other.


2. Show your appreciation

Everyone wants to feel wanted, but it's a particular measure of happiness for this group. Praise a job well done and make sure young people know how their work is contributing to the bigger picture. It keeps morale high and means they'll keep on trying to excel.


3. Balance the benefits

It’s not all about the money – a good work/life balance ranks almost as highly as financial reward for millennials. Offer a benefits package that includes subsidised gym membership or restaurant vouchers, as well as the chance to work flexibly or from home.


4. Consider the environment

Work life has changed and so should the physical space we work in. Create a workplace that allows flexible working, sharing and collaboration. Make sure young people have the chance to bring digital engagement and social media into their work life.


5. Lifelong learning

78% of millennials are keen to learn more and to develop vocational, job-related skills at work. Provide a supported programme of training and development, and help young people make the best use of what they’ve learnt back in the workplace.


6. Nurture the passion

Young people feel happier at work when they are passionate about what they’re doing. Encourage millennials to work on projects about which they feel particularly excited, and ask them to share their successes, both big and small, regularly.


7. Be supportive

34% of young people think they’re behind where they should be in their careers, which can impact on their confidence. Make sure you’re supporting their ambition and highlighting opportunities for progression.


*City & Guilds conducted online interviews with 1,032 employed and 88 unemployed millennials aged 18-24.



Shaping the future of learning

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