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L&D Innovation & Tech Fest


Jul 2019


Jul 2019

L&D Innovation & Tech Fest


    Event type: Conference

    Start date: 29 Jul 2019

    End date: 30 Jul 2019

    Time: 08:30 - 17:00

    Location: Hotel Cordis, Auckland

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    Kineo Transformation at the L&D Innovation and Tech Fest

    Transforming L&D

    Be part of New Zealand’s most exciting and progressive gathering of HR leaders, difference-makers and disruptors as they celebrate the talent, technology and ideas transforming the future of work.

    HR and L&D has moved beyond an operational role and is fast transforming into a core, focused, and disciplined strategic business function. Not only is the content and mechanics of learning being transformed, but also what your people learn, when they learn and how they experience it. 

    This event brings together two amazing days of learning and innovation on HR Tech, L&D, Digital Transformation, Talent, Recruitment, Diversity & Inclusion, Wellbeing and Engagement.

    We’re on a mission to unlock and realise the potential of technology for the betterment of people, businesses, and the world.

    This year, Kineo is proud to be presenting our latest in innovation...

    Focus on people, not administration - Introducing Sitepass!


    One place to manage your entire workforce, with complete transparency over your risk and compliance.

    Sitepass provides a single place to connect your people and manage compliance. Enabling onboarding, training, verification and management of your entire workforce - offering complete transparency over your risk, safety and compliance. 

    In a nutshell, Sitepass is a contractor management system that replaces the shortcomings of multiple ineffective documents and systems with one central application. Allowing you to: 

    • Connect and invite
    • Capture information and evidence
    • Induct and train
    • Verify requirements
    • Monitor and permit

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      These events are an opportunity for us to hear directly from you, the industry and gain insight into your challenges. We would love to support you and drive innovation into the ever evolving workplace of the future.

      Our friendly team will be on hand to guide you through your learning journey, and discover how our products can support a solution. 

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      City & Guilds Group: Creating a culture of recognition

      Hilary Scott-Ker, Head of Digital Credentials in APAC for City & Guilds Group, Kineo and Credly 

      Digital credentials are a powerful resource for human management to address the global talent shortage and skills gap. A digital credentials is a portable, verified, sharable and secure digital representation of acquired knowledge, a specific skill or earned achievement. IBM, Microsoft, Deakin University, Oracle are a few organisations that have harnessed the power of credentials.

      Recognising and empowering employees through validating individuals’ skills and achievements - positively impacts employee engagement, productivity and retention. Digital credentials are the foundation for building a culture of recognition that leverages the investments both employees and employers make in each other.

      The credentialing technology was developed to empower the recognition of achievements and connect people to opportunities based on their verified skills and abilities. Join us and 15 million others who globally have earned digital credentials, and we’ll explore the future of recognition.


      Recognise yourself!
      All attendees will receive a digital credential to wear proudly on your professional profiles


      VTNZ: Successfully implementing an LMS completely by stealth!

      How do you change minds or influence a business?
      Kelvin Hylton, Technical Training Manager at Vehicle Testing New Zealand (VTNZ) discuss how his team operate entirely by stealth!

      How do you change minds or influence a business who don’t really understand what they need to solve their learning issues? Here how VTNZ changed the way their team operates by stealth, creating business appetite by starting with a basic targeted solution to fix problems and capture minds.

      In this session hear how they have journeyed from using basic online quiz’s to an integrated multi-LMS using customised CD / DVD programmes as learning stepping stones. Considering the business did not realise it needed an LMS hear how they have made considerable improvements with the help of their provider.

      • Learn how the journey has ensured the Learning Centre is now pivotal to the way we recruit, onboard, train and update our distributed staff across two country’s
      • The changes mean completing safety related learning in our LMS is a gateway to receiving quarterly incentive payments
      • The work has delivered cost saving on some face to face courses by as much as a day

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